Monthly 1% 001

Monthly 1% 001 - Intro and Flossing Series Introduction Everything matters in the world of competitive cycling.  How tight your clothes are, how aerodynamic your bike is, the amount of pressure in your tires -- everything makes a difference.  This has been known for ages, but about 10 years ago, Dave Brailsford…

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Basic Meal Prepping

I’m the type of person that could eat the same meal repeatedly without getting tired of it.  This comes in handy when you meal prep! In case you don’t know, that’s when you batch cook a bunch of the same meal and store it for future meals.  And fortunately, my…

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How to Calculate Savings Rate

Your savings rate is, in my opinion, the most important metric that you can can track/control/improve on during your journey to FI.  There’s a lot of talk within the community about the best way to calculate this. I’m here to set the record straight!  This is the definitive, inarguable, most…

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