How to Calculate Savings Rate

Your savings rate is, in my opinion, the most important metric that you can can track/control/improve on during your journey to FI.  There’s a lot of talk within the community about the best way to calculate this. I’m here to set the record straight!  This is the definitive, inarguable, most…

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The Simple Path to Wealth Summary

To quote The Office’s great Kevin Malone, “why waste time say lot word when few word do trick?”.  Jim Collins, in his book The Simple Path to Wealth, lays out a very simple and straightforward method to accumulating enough money to live off (with a very high probability) indefinitely.  The…

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My Path Part 3: Spreadsheet Day!

After learning lots of little tips here and there on /r/personalfinance, and now that I had my investing setup to be automated and simple, I wanted to know what the next step was.  On the first of the month, on a daily q/a thread on /r/financialindependence, lots of people were…

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