How to Reverse Travel Hack

Disclaimer: This post has nothing to do with benefits of travel reward points, instead it is a tragic tale for how I (a dummy) found a new way to accidentally spend money.  I hereby declare this new method “reverse travel hacking”.


Credit cards have put many people in bad situations, but if you use them correctly and are responsible, they are incredible tools.  Certain cards offer signup bonuses, which is basically a cash/point incentive to spend money. If you don’t spend more than you would otherwise, this is free money.  Credit card companies can offer money to some people because they make more money from people who misuse cards and they collect interest from. Anyways, these points are fantastic and can be redeemed for air travel (or hotels, or many other things – I just happen to have only used them for flights).

With that out of the way, let’s get into the fun part.  A couple weeks back, I was checking into my flight. I was flying to visit my girlfriend and her family.  About 10 minutes after I checked into my Delta flight, I get a text from American Airlines reminding me to check into my flight for the next day.  Confused, I go check my email to see what airline my flight was on. Turns out, I booked 2 flights. That take off 10 minutes apart to and from the same airport.  Apparently I had booked one about 3 months ago, and when I remembered what weekend I was going to visit them, I booked another not remembering I had already done so.

I reached out to both airlines to try to get a refund on a ticket, but since I had bought the cheapest option for both, they were non-refundable and non-transferable!  So moral of the story is don’t double book yourself or you’ll get 1 flight for the price of 2!


Have you ever had a similar experience? Let me know!

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