Monthly Cash Flow – Jul’19

Monthly Cash Flow – Jul’19

Monthly Cash Flow – Jul ’19


June has come and passed, which means we are halfway through the year!  Which also means this is a wonderful time for me to share with you all where I’m at with my halfway checkpoint for my annual goals.


July 2019 Spending


For a grand total of $2,379.  This is 16% above my average. Spending this month was on the high end but for all the right reasons.  Got my girlfriend a couple nice gifts, and I got myself a new pair of running shoes. Apart from that, nothing out of the ordinary.

Financial KPIs for July:

Investment Contributions: $0

Take Home Income: $3,744

Savings: $2,327

Total Cash Flow: $2,277

Savings Rate: 49%

Net Worth: $87,779



Fitness KPIs for July:

Total Miles Biked: 1,020 (Maybe the 2nd time I’ve ever done over 1,000 in a month?)

Total Miles Run: 34

Total Yards Swam: 0

Total Hours of Exercise: 59

Bike Miles on Bike Commute Days: 462

Days Biked to Work: 15

Best Bike Commute Streak: 40 (new record, and still going!)

Number of Races: 0

Thoughts: Did some AWESOME riding.  Spent a couple weeks very mountain heavy on the bike.  My absolute favorite thing to do is ride up and down mountains, and thankfully I live in a place where I can get to the mountains as a nice warmup, or a short drive.  Also Strava (an app I use to track my miles) was having a challenge where if you bike 1,000 miles during July, you win a free t-shirt, so of course I had to go for that.


Year to Date Progress Towards Annual Goals:

Savings Rate Goal (50%): YTD Savings Rate of 64%

Bike More Miles than Drive: 2,984 Driven vs. 5,913 Biked (Approx 2x more miles on the bike)

Max 401k: $19,000/$19,000 100% (WAHOOOO!!!)

Bike 10,000 Miles: On pace!

Spend <$30k: $15,293, so I remain on track and below the required average

My full list of annual goals can be found here:


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know how you liked the format and if you’d like to see anything else added in for future monthly wrap-up!

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    1. Thanks man, just ticked over 50 now! Also keep your eyes peeled, have a fun article in the works 🙂

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