Monthly Cash Flow – Jun’19


June has come and passed, which means we are halfway through the year!  Which also means this is a wonderful time for me to share with you all where I’m at with my halfway checkpoint for my annual goals.


June 2019 Spending

For a grand total of $1,528.  This is 28% below my average. Very, very light month! In fact, 75% of my spending was rent alone.  Also amazingly, I didn’t go grocery shopping in June. I was visiting my girlfriend and her family for the last week of the month, and a well-timed late May Costco run supplied me with just enough to eat the last of my perishable food the night before I made the long drive to her.  Also a fun thing I purchased was a set of juggling balls. I learned how to juggle up to 4 balls in high school and really enjoyed it, and for whatever reason recently decided to get back into it. I bought 7 high quality juggling balls. My current goal is to learn to juggle 5, but bought 7 just in case my ambition continues.




Financial KPIs for June:

Investment Contributions: $3,387

Take Home Income: $2,768

Savings: $5,109

Total Cash Flow: $1,409 (back in the black not that 401k has been maxed)

Savings Rate: 77% (big!!!)

Net Worth: $85,346 (+$6,867 from last month – 3rd biggest monthly swing ever)

Thoughts:  Finished off my 401k for the year in record time! Was able to do it in less than 6 months.  Also my company doesn’t match, so I front load because I don’t have to worry about missing out on that.  Also I time in the market tends to be best, so the earlier I can get it in, I’m statistically better off!


Fitness KPIs for June:

Total Miles Biked: 722

Total Miles Run: 68 (girlfriend and I both did a half marathon, and it was her first ever!)

Total Yards Swam: 0 (not swimming right now focusing on my bike and my run but thinking about finding a pool and getting back in the water)

Total Hours of Exercise: 58

Bike Miles on Bike Commute Days: 384

Days Biked to Work: 18

Best Bike Commute Streak: 25 (new record, and still going!)

Number of Races: 2 (one bike race that went decently, and a half marathon)

Thoughts: Did not race half marathon smartly.  My goal pace was ambitious for me, and the course was very hilly the 5 miles.  I held my goal pace for the first 6 miles but was way more difficult than it should have been because of the hills so I blew up spectacularly.  I wanted 1:35 but did 1:43, which is still a PR, but I think had I paced it smarted <1:40 would have been easily doable. I risked it for the biscuit but I got a smack in the face by reality.


Year to Date Progress Towards Annual Goals:

Savings Rate Goal (50%): YTD Savings Rate of 65%

Bike More Miles than Drive: 2,223.2 Driven vs. 4,893 Biked (I wish I biked 1 less mile! So close to a pretty numbers)

Max 401k: $19,000/$19,000 100% (WAHOOOO!!!)

Bike 10,000 Miles: Slightly off pace but nice summer weather plus longer days are here, so will be able to make up a lot of ground and hopefully get a little ahead. 

Spend <$30k: $12,914 so far, for ($2,152 average per month)

Write Minimum 24 Blog Posts: 18 so far – I operate best when I have goals for myself, so even though I enjoy doing this, I still think it’s best to have at least a minimum goal.  Probably will pick a bigger number next year since I think I’m slacking a bit. Have a handful of half written articles that I need to do some catch-up on!




My full list of annual goals can be found here:


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know how you liked the format and if you’d like to see anything else added in for future monthly wrap-up!

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    1. Thanks man! Savings rate should start to slow though. Since I’ve been deferring so much pre-tax until now, I’ve basically had no taxes come out of my paychecks so these 70%+ months are sort of artificial if that makes sense?

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