Monthly Financial/Fitness Recap – Apr’19

Spreadsheet day is back! I love this time of the month because I get to look back and analyze this month in isolation, but also compare it to previous months and track myself along my annual goals.

As I said last month, I’m still figuring out the format for how I want these to be done, so as you’re reading please be on the lookout for any way you feel the layout or presentation of this could be improved!  I hope you enjoy!


April 2019 Spending

For a grand total of $1,761.  This is 16% below my average. Pretty bare-bones month.  $44 in entertainment was a few books that I’m slowly working on reading (“Atomic Habits”, “Why We Sleep”, and “goodbye, things”).  $205 in travel spending is for an upcoming flight to visit my girlfriend and her family for Mother’s Day.




Financial KPIs for April:

Investment Contributions: $4,083

Take Home Income: $1,157 (one penny less than last month!)

Savings: $3,490

Total Cash Flow: -$594 (only a couple more months until 401k is maxed and this will be positive again)

Savings Rate: 66% (2/3s is a lot more satisfying than 1/2)

Net Worth: $79,582 (+$5,399 from last month)

Thoughts:  Can’t complain with a wonderful month that also had below average spending!


Fitness KPIs for April:

Total Miles Biked: 890 (been very consistent with 200/week)

Total Miles Run: 59 (half marathon training going beautifully, in fact I dropped my goal time from 1:40 to 1:35!)

Total Yards Swam: 0 (not swimming right now focusing on my bike and my run)

Total Hours of Exercise: 61 (juuuust dipped over the 2 hour/day mark)

Bike Miles on Bike Commute Days: 443 (no rain!)

Days Biked to Work: 16

Best Bike Commute Streak: 15 (didn’t actually drive my car to work at all for the entire month of April)

Number of Races: 1 (got my butt kicked on a long, hot, hilly road race and enjoyed every second – 9th of 20ish?)

Thoughts: Was nervous when I started running again that it would take me a long time to get back to good run fitness.  Thankfully all of the time on the bike I’ve been putting in have made my heart/lungs/legs strong little boys. Been setting some lofty pace goals for some run workouts and so far have been able to hit all of them!


Year to Date Progress Towards Annual Goals:

Savings Rate Goal (50%): YTD Savings Rate of 63%

Bike More Miles than Drive: 1,399 Driven vs. 3,400 Biked (crazy to think I might drive fewer than 5,000 miles this year!)

Max 401k: $11,025/$19,000 58% (2 more months until completion)


My full list of annual goals can be found here:


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know how you liked the format and if you’d like to see anything else added in for future monthly wrap-up!

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  1. I’ve got Atomic Habbits is on e-hold from the library, can’t wait to read it. It’s raining a lot in PA. Bike weather not optimal on many days!

    1. I’ve had pretty busy evenings recently haven’t hadn’t had much time to read (read as: I’ve been lazy and enjoying watching youtube videos instead of reading), but I’ve got a couple flights this weekend and should be able to knock out a solid chunk of the book on those! And bummer, hopefully clears soon! Happy that California is finally out of the drought, but I’m ready for the rain to stop haha

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