Monthly Financial/Fitness Recap – Feb’19

The end of the month spreadsheet day is something I get overly excited about. I love looking at what I spent the past month and figure out what is recurring and how I can reduce my spending.


As I said last month, I’m still figuring out the format for how I want these to be done, so as you’re reading please be on the looking for any way you feel the layout or presentation of this could be improved!

February 2019 Spending

For a grand total of $2,641.  This is about 34% higher than my recent average.  My expenses are on the high side because of front-loading some expenses.  We booked a mid-trip flight and 10 days worth of Air Bnbs for our trip 8 months in advance, so the above travel expenses are my half.  Also, I recently got a new credit card (Chase Sapphire Preferred) and my natural spending isn’t enough to get the signup bonus but my girlfriend and I have a strategy for this.  We will put both of our spending on whoever needs to spend more for their card bonus and then just venmo the other back for the amount right away. The transactions of hers are removed from my numbers above and I also don’t count the amount she venmo’d me as income, so it just cancels out.  Other noteworthy points: large car payment was 6 months of insurance and itty bitty red slice on the top is from filing my taxes on FreeTaxUSA.

Financial KPIs for February:

Investment Contributions: $2,042 (401k contributions but wait until next month!  Spoiler: big numbers are on the horizon))

Take Home Income: $4,282 (On the high side because I received my tax refunds and only one paycheck had 401k withholdings.  Will need to revisit my W4 allowances so can hopefully get refund closer to that elusive $0 mark)

Savings: $3,683

Total Cash Flow: $1,641

Savings Rate: 58% (above 50% means I’m a happy camper)


Thoughts:  Pretty standard month!  Next month should be a fun one with big numbers because of an upcoming ESPP purchase and some RSUs vesting.

Fitness KPIs for February:

Total Miles Biked: 713 (did my best with all the rain!)

Total Miles Run: 12 (runs with my girlfriend who will be running her first half marathon this year!)

Total Yards Swam: 0 (not swimming right now as I’m focusing on bike races)

Total Hours of Exercise: 48

Bike Miles on Bike Commute Days: 201

Days Biked to Work: 10 (lots of rain for California!)

Best Bike Commute Streak: 6 (no driving to work from 2/19->2/28, ended from rain)

Number of Races: 2 (5th and 12th places in races of about 30 people.  Not great but happy with how I raced!)


Thoughts: Nothing strongly positive nor negative.  Got in some fun weekend rides with friends and had a good time racing.  Feeling strong and I feel fitness is coming along nicely. Rain obviously not accelerating fitness, but not worsening it.  Thankfully the rain will be calming down soon, and after daylight savings time kicks in, I’ll be able to get more serious about consistent weekday training sessions.

Year to Date Progress Towards Annual Goals:

Savings Rate Goal (50%): YTD Savings Rate of 60%

Bike More Miles than Drive: 1,077 Driven vs. 1,416 Biked

Max 401k: $2,858/$19,000 15%

My full list of annual goals can be found here.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know how you liked the format and if you’d like to see anything else added in for future monthly wrap-up!

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  1. I love that you’re tracking the Fitness KPIS! Also where are you going for your trip? I actually just for my CSP card too!

    1. Thanks, Ryan! I find it’s much easier to stay on track for goals if I track myself.

      And we will be going to Switzerland, Portugal, and Spain. Unbelievably excited! What do you plan to use the points from your new Chase card for??

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