Monthly Financial/Fitness Recap – Mar’19

The end of the month spreadsheet day is something I get overly excited about. I love looking at what I spent the past month and figure out what is recurring and how I can reduce my spending.

As I said last month, I’m still figuring out the format for how I want these to be done, so as you’re reading please be on the lookout for any way you feel the layout or presentation of this could be improved!  I hope you enjoy!


March 2019 Spending

For a grand total of $2,107.  This is within $7 of my average – talk about consistency!  Only real standout category is travel. Breakdown there is a plane ticket to visit my girlfriend, and a snazzy backpack.  The pack is a Tortuga Setout 45L. Plan to use this for future travels wherever my girlfriend and I go! A cool perk about it is it’s carry-on sized, so no need to check bags anymore which will save time.  Seems much more convenient, and will help me to pack minimally because of the size restriction (though I don’t think it’ll be much of an issue).



Financial KPIs for March:

Investment Contributions: $10,047 (big 401k contributions, ESPP purchase, and RSUs vesting all in the same month!)

Take Home Income: $1,157 (heavily front-loading 401k contributions, so take home is low)

Savings: $4,444 (that’s a fun number)

Total Cash Flow: -$6,911 (high outflow due to high amount of investments made)

Savings Rate: 68% (good month due to extra income and average spending – savings rate for the first quarter of 2019 comes out to be 63%)

Thoughts:  A very solid month!  5 digits of investment contributions for the first time ever is very exciting to see!  Bit of a coincidence, but fun to see nonetheless.


Fitness KPIs for March:

Total Miles Biked: 1,067 (back in the swing of things of long weekend rides)

Total Miles Run: 11 (a lonely 3 miler, and an 8 miler with my girlfriend – this will be upped a lot from now on as it’s time to begin training for my half marathon)

Total Yards Swam: 0 (not swimming right now as I’m focusing on bike races)

Total Hours of Exercise: 70 (that’s more like it!)

Bike Miles on Bike Commute Days: 370 (took the long way home a lot enjoying the added daylight!)

Days Biked to Work: 11

Best Bike Commute Streak: 7 (no driving to work from 3/7->3/19, haven’t been able to build long streak yet because of sporadic heavy rain)

Number of Races: 0 (of the 2 I planned on racing, 1 was cancelled, and the other rescheduled unfortunately)

Thoughts: It was a wonderful month on the bike!  I did a lot of uphill riding this month and was able to beat a few of my record times on some of the long local hills.  Probably my favorite way of fitness testing outside of actual races.


Year to Date Progress Towards Annual Goals:

Savings Rate Goal (50%): YTD Savings Rate of 63%

Bike More Miles than Drive: 1,203 Driven vs. 2,510 Biked (only drove 126 miles in March, a record low!)

Max 401k: $6,942/$19,000 37%


My full list of annual goals can be found here.


Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed! Please let me know how you liked the format and if you’d like to see anything else added in for future monthly wrap-up!

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  1. Any pics from our biking or pics of gear would be cool to see on here :)! Keep up the hard work! You’re making great progress

    1. Oh good idea! If I do any fun big rides with cool views, I’ll be sure to snag a pic of my bike with a cool mountain backdrop or something!

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